Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A picture I have.

- Intuos5, PS

My cousin in law wedding day.
I'm so sorry they is not the groom and bride in this picture :).
It's my husband and other cousin in law(groom family) and their grand mother, grand father.
I just like this picture but so dark, hard to see it. So I draw it.
It was such a beautiful wedding I have seen in my life. It's different a Korean wedding, specially the time how long. In Korea usually 2h limited quiet short. Also lots of guest there um....200~500 or 1000 people normal.
Half of them you will don't know the face. That's kind of why 2h enough.
So every wedding in USA is so fresh every time and so enjoying.
Still I have problem with conversation in English but I think it getting better and better.
I hope I can dancing with them in typical music next time.