Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If you live in Korea as an international couple

Just a Heads up for those who are newly married or already married but unaware of the savings account possibilities you have as an international couple with korean banks.

It's possible to get high interest on your savings up to 7.5%
KEB, KB, Woori, IBK, Shinhan all the above banks offer various international couple accounts.
It's part of a relatively new initiative by the korean government to encourage savings for multicultural families in Korea.

All you need is one partner who is korean and the other from another country.
You need your ARC, passport, and family certificate proving marriage.

You can save for up to 3 years 6% rate (KEB, capped at 300.000won per month)
3 years at 6.75% rate (IBK, capped at 500.000won per month )
3 years at 6%rate (Shinhan, capped at 200,000won per month)
One year at 7.5% rate (Woori, capped at 300,000won per month)
One year at 7% rate (KB, capped at 500,000won per month)

So in total you can save up to 1,100,000won per month at over 6% interest savings.
I'm sure if you looking for saving account another bank there will be more information like this.
I had some kind of installment savings 1,2,3 years when I lived in Korea.
It's very basic way of save money in Korea.

Let check up your bank!

IBK - www.ibk.co.kr
KB - www.kbstar.com
Shinhan - www.shinhan.com
Woori - www.wooribank.com
KEB - www.keb.co.kr

Have a great day.

다문화가정이 늘어남에 따라 은행에서도 다양한 적금 상품을 만들고 있습니다.
외환은행, 기업은행, 우리, 국민, 신한은행등에서 연이율 7.5%까지 받을수 있는 상품을 만들었어요. 혹시 모르시는 분들 참고 하시고 만들어 보세요. :)
그냥 통장에 넣어두느니 얼마나 머무르실지 생각해보고 만들면 좋잖아요.
(=_=) 미국은 이런 적금 없나요? 제가 아직 정보력이 없어서 못찾고 있는건지도 모르겠습니다.

참, 일부 적금은 아내가 외국인일때만 적용되는 것도 있으니 꼼꼼히 살펴보시는게 좋아요.
저도 한국에 들어갈 기회가 생기면 상담을 해보려고 합니다.
아직 한국에 살계획은 구체적이진 않지만요;;;이런 정보보면 정말 귀가 솔깃 솔깃해요.