Thursday, October 24, 2013

Talk to me in korean / Learning korean site / Drawing Project

제가 볼때 가장 이해하기 쉽게 한국어를 가르쳐 주는 사이트에요. 일주일에 한번씩 언어교류 목적으로 모임도 가집니다.
저도 한번 가본적이 있는데 상당히 건전하게(?) 언어에 관해서 이야기 합니다.
제가 그때 참여했을때는 영어가 완전 바닥이었는데 흠..여러가지고 많이 인상깊었어요.

강의를 모아 책도 낸다고 하네요. (+_+) 오오!
혹시 그림을 그리시는 분들이랑 한번씩 참여해 보셔도 좋을듯해요.

꼭 잘그리지않아도 되지 부담없이 해봅시닷. 
요기를 클릭하시면 프로젝트에 대한 설명을 보실수 있어요.

I'm sure this site most great learning Korean site I have ever seen.
They have a meeting with people who wanna leaning Korean or another languages once a week.
If you are live in Seoul Korea, join this meet up will be a one of great memory to you.
Also there is a event for drawing but it's not a huge thing. If you want to share your drawing click here and look over it.
Talk to me in korean -

About Talk To Me In Korean :
As a subsidiary of G9 Languages, Talk To Me In Korean has made learning Korean outside the classroom easy to access by providing mostly free audio and video lessons found at . TTMIK has recently published two books series based on the website content and is currently in the midst of creating a third book series based on the “My Weekly Korean Vocabulary” lessons found at .

About the project :
The Drawing Project, sponsored by Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK), is an open-content project aimed at placing user-submitted drawings and/or illustrations in the published edition of the “My Weekly Korean Vocabulary” series. “My Weekly Korean Vocabulary” is a compilation of vocabulary and related phrases based on a selected keyword. Each day, a new keyword is introduced in order to build increasingly longer Korean sentences. The Drawing Project will provide an image for each keyword to help learners visualize each word to increase effective learning.

How to join:
Open Content is a concept that expands on the existing concept of “sourcing”: the state where creative content is free for sharing. CCL or Creative Commons Liscence, refers to the copyright license that gives others the right to use your work freely. Many people, without even knowing it, are already enjoying the benefits of Open Content. Sharing intellectual property and literary works openly and freely is not an easy thing to do, but the more people are willing to participate, the more we have to choose from and the more people will enjoy. Talk To Me In Korean has used this method since its inception in 2009 to provide materials so that anyone can study Korean.
Anyone can participate in this project. You don’t need to be a good drawer or spectacular graphic designer to submit an image. Even if you’re just looking to participate in something new and exciting, or want to practice your drawing skills, please don’t hesitate to create and upload!
(Plz read more detail in the site TTMIK)

*It's not a project actually eran money.