Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old ink work with coloring

 This is a just coloring on an old ink picture.... I guess finished ink work on it 7years ago.
That time I liked ink drawing more than coloring. My desk really covered up bunch of black spots and migwish. The problem was after done can't coloring with my horrible skill. Well I used to painting with watercolors. (Click picture➝)

Now I have an enough skill to coloring with PS. I'm so happy to coloring it finally all done!
Still I love hand painting but I can't help keep stick on Ps and Intuos. It's so convenience @_@

Color - Intuos5, PS
Black - Black ink, Screentone

7년 전쯤 그렸던 잉크그림입니다.
그때는 정말 지우개가루, 얼룩을 벗어나질 못했는데 세상 참 편해졌어요. 너무 적응되서 언제 손그림을 다시 그릴지 모르겠네요. 인제는 준비하고 치우고 이런거 하는게 너무 귀찮아요. OTL