Thursday, October 23, 2014

Talk to me in Korean / My Weekly Korean Vocabulary Book no.2

Some of my illustrations are in TTMIK's book Ye!
If you are interested in learning Korean, I'm sure recommended this book.
This book way to teach well(If you are master basic of Korean), also its newest style. Some book conversation in old..old style way back to 60's.
Well...I'm OK with old style book bcz It's great to get perfect Korean skill. But let think...If you are only one talking in that (old)style, realized after few year later.
It will be a good step to get modern style. 

And here is the site. Good thing is all video is free haha ;) 

I did use this picture(Yuna Kim) for draw to this illustration. it's not exactly same person, but in my mind haha.